Dr. Brainard/Dr. Roth Exquisite Dinner



This dinner is one of the hottest live auction items we will be giving away.  Just look at this spread for up to 10 people with 6-10 courses!

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Dinner on the Deck with Dr. Corrie Brown for 15

Traditional Veggie Baijis Indian Dinner for 10 with the MohanKumar Family

st augustine beach house two
st augustine beach house one











Saint Augustine Beach House Getaway


Who doesn’t love the beach ?!?!?


This beautiful beach house is located in St Augustine and is one of our live auction items!









handmade glass table





Handmade Glass Table


This beautiful table was made by hand by our very own Dr. Corrie Brown


The sheep on the face of the table are made out of a mosaic of painted glass






Beautiful Horse Blanket


This horse blanket will be one of our silent auction items

beautiful horse blanket
Bourbon, Bonfires, Cards Against Potter




Bourbon, Bonfires, and Cards Against Potter



Come hang out with the Moorhead/ Sakamoto clan for a fun night of bonfires, bourbon and Cards against potter! Winner of this live auction item will be able to bring 5 of their friends for a fun filled night of bourbon fueled heartworm lectures and HP fun!


Gift Cards of All Kinds


Here are just a few of the gift cards that we have for auction:


Canopy Zip Lining Tour Gift Cards

Kayaking Gift Cards

Gift Cards for Pure Barre

Gift Cards for A Weekend Night at Four Seasons


Expect many more! 

gift cards two
Steak Dinner with Credille



Steak Dinner with Dr. Credille


Do you like cows?

Do  you like men who wear boots?

Well then I have the perfect live auction item for you!

Find some friends and pool your money together for the chance to have a steak dinner with THE Dr. Credille!


Dr. Credille is accepting up to 8 people for this dinner!







Handmade Amber Necklace


This beautiful necklace was made by hand and has 8 beautiful amber beads. This necklace is accompanied by a set of beautiful amber earrings.


This will be one of our silent auction items

handmade amber necklace

Please come back frequently to see new auction item updates daily!